Modeling Solution

Modeling Solution is a cyber-physical energy platform created by Energinium that utilizes thermodynamics, electronics and machine learning in order to optimize energy delivery and consumption; Modeling Solution monitors energy mediums and provides relevant solutions and patterns to reduce energy consumption and improve energy performance

Benefits of Modeling Solution

Energy Management

Conduct energy review, planning, monitoring and optimization with Modeling Solution for any energy intensive plant or distribution network. It accepts and monitors many relevant variables and static factors and calculates many energy performance indicators.

Sustainability Management

Modeling Solution enhances your sustainability management portfolio by offering solutions to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emission, to improve energy performance of your plant and equipment and to manage energy cost variations.

Cost Management

Modeling Solution is an ideal tool to manage energy consumption direct and associative costs. It identifies current energy performance level and also calculates how better it can get and what solutions are available and how much investment is required for those solutions.