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Intelligent Energy Optimization platform

monitor and analyze energy consumption

With Modeling Solution you can easily manage energy generation, use and consumption and identify what drives your pattern of consumption.

Know the efficiency of your systems

Modeling Solution identifies the efficiency of every energy system; it also provides the energy performance of the total network, plant or factory.

Identify energy saving opportunities

Modeling Solution offers energy solutions and modifications for every energy system along with their effects on energy efficiency.

Manage energy Cost

Modeling Solution provides the financial aspects of every offered energy solution including required investment and payback period.

quick Introduction

Modeling Solution is an integrated cyber-physical space energy platform that monitors energy production, use, consumption and recovery, conducts state of the art analysis and offers energy conservation opportunities. Modeling Solution utilizes thermodynamics, electronics, thermochemistry and machine learning to analyse energy systems for energy intensive industry.

Modeling Solution receives operational data from energy systems, conducts required analysis, using thermodynamics and machine learning, to monitor, measure and analyze energy consumption and performance. This is to identify energy conservation solutions with their respective financial aspects.

Modeling Solution can receive data from installed sensors or control systems. Alternatively, and simply, data can be transferred into the platform using a simple form or can be uploaded using a csv format. So it can analyze many energy systems easily and simultaneously.   

With a username and password that we provide, you would be able to use Modeling Solution. You will have your own database on our server. Then you can simply use the platform wherever you are.

Our support system is quite extensive; we support you on energy engineering, energy sustainability management and Modeling Solution. You simply use your username and password on our support platform and leave your questions for us and we will respond; quickly and conclusively!

Modeling Solution is a smart energy platform for energy intensive industries. Contact Us